What are your office hours?

  • 8:30am to 5:00pm CST

Can I visit your showrooms?

  • Yes, you are welcome to visit either of our showrooms. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

I already have an Account with American Best. How do I log in to the Website?

  • Click on register.
  • Key in your Account ID (found on the upper left-hand corner of your Invoice) and follow the prompts to set up your own User Name, Password & Security Keys.
  • Then you’ll be logged in instantaneously. (Please keep your User Name, Password & Security Keys in a safe place; for security purposes we do not keep record of your login information.)

I’m interested in opening an Account with American Best. What do I do?

  • We are open to the wholesale trade only. A valid resale number from your state is required. The minimum opening order is $500.00. Subsequent minimum orders are $100 (a service charge will be applied if this subsequent minimum order amount is not met). You may submit a Customer Application through this Website. Once you complete the New Customer Application, you will receive an e-mail with your new Account Number.
  • Click on customer application.

How do I establish terms?

  • Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for further assistance. Call 1.800.634.8848 or email us at info@americanbest.com

Can I make a Claim or Return?

  • Claims, shortages, overages, incorrect stock or damaged merchandise must be reported to American Best within 15 working days of the delivery date of the merchandise. The invoice number and the order date will be needed to process the claim.
  • Please click American Best Claims/Return Policy and Procedure to see complete policy and procedure.